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I'm searching for a workflow library/framework for Python. I'm astonished that there I cannot find anything which is simple and not attached to Zope/Plone.

Does anyone know of an open-source, simple workflow library/framework. It's preferred to support Django, but not required.

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Try GoFlow, a workflow engine for Django.

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GoFlow became inactive in 2009. Here is what we have now in 2014 for django - stackoverflow.com/questions/6795328/… –  kmmbvnr Sep 8 at 5:19

Unfortunately it seems like most/all of the projects listed here are no longer active. Here's a new project which is currently ongoing:


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Another workflow project that I saw recently was repoze.workflow, which is a state-machine based workflow engine which was inspired by plone, but is a clean re-implementation.


Not exactly sure how production ready it really is, but I do know some people that are using it.

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repoze.workflow is cool but it's more a statemachine than really complete workflow solution... –  Mathieu Leduc-Hamel Feb 3 '10 at 19:53

I used hurry.workflow: http://pypi.python.org/pypi/hurry.workflow It has plenty of features but unfortunately has some zope dependecies so it may be not applicable for other frameworks.

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ntoll's workflow for django is alpha, but is actively developed

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I know there is an openerp, but it's not workflow.....

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OpenERP [openerp.com] has an integrated workflow engine but it cannot be used outsite the OpenERP framework –  Oli Apr 1 '09 at 10:21

Besides GoFlow (linked in Oli's answer) the only other Django workflow I know of is part of the Pinax project.

More generally for Python based workflows there is spiff workflow and Dave Kuhlman's Workflow and REST How-to that could probably be converted from Quixote to Django.

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Do you know which part of Pinax implements a workflow? –  Mohammad Tayseer Apr 5 '09 at 11:00
Gah, I went to look and the 'projects' app is just Project/Task management without any workflow. Sorry for my error :( –  Van Gale Apr 5 '09 at 22:27
Btw, are you asking because you had problems with GoFlow? I'm asking because I'll need to implement workflow in Django myself sometime. –  Van Gale Apr 5 '09 at 23:55
I don't have any specific problems with workflow, but I wanted something which is easier (from my POV, of course :) ) –  Mohammad Tayseer Apr 8 '09 at 11:43

There is also Xworkflows ( https://github.com/rbarrois/xworkflows/ ) and it's pluggable to django with django-xworkflofws ( https://github.com/rbarrois/django_xworkflows )

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Have you thought about building workflows with rules? You might checkout http://nebrios.com, a rules based workflow tool. It's built in Python/Django and executes full Python and Django. It's not FOSS though, and doesn't integrate as a library since it's Platform.

Full Disclosure: We built this over the last year since we couldn't find any workflow/process tools that met our needs.

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