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if you uses Mono Remoting on Linux, what's your work-around for DateTime marshalling incompatibility between Mono and .NET Remoting?

i'm using WinForms on Windows using .NET 2.0 runtime, using Remoting on Linux using Mono. i cannot yet use Mono runtime on both ends as Mono's DataGridView isn't yet working.


i used Mono 1.9 when the question was posted. i'm using Mono 2.4 now, its DateTime is now compatible with .NET. kudos to Miguel de Icaza, his team and Novell

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File a bug with a test case.

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I think a much better solution would be refactoring the code, so instead of the (yet under-supported) remoting, use web services. XML serialization of most basic data types are IIRC fully supported; and in certain circumstances, fits the architecture much better (especially server-client architectures).

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