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I have trouble with Eclipse under Mac Os 10.7, with a Hungarian apple wireless keyboard. According to Keyboard viewer I should press the ALT ( or Option is the name) + Shift + X to have the '>' sign. Like here, it is working, but inside Eclipse not. I have searched at: Eclipse -> Preferences -> General -> Keys. But I couldn't find a binding for a command to remove it. Maybe because I missed, since I can't search after key binging ( or I didn't found where to search ).

How can I have the possibility to enter the '>' sign with ALT + Shift + X ? or all times change to us layout and change back? :)

Is the any plugin to search commands by binding?

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Need to delete the Run on server shortcut

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It is usually a shortcut for a Run something command, it was Run Maven Build for me by default on Eclipse Mars (4.5.2).

You can search for a binding at General -> Keys by first clicking into the Binding field, pressing ALT + Shift + X, then selecting it with your mouse (do not press any other key), then right click and Copy, then right click into the filter text field and Paste.

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