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In xcode 4.1 there is only one ios version of simulator - 4.3.2. We can set up the deployment targer but I couldn't find where to change the ios version of simulator.We want to test that our app will run on devices with ios 3.1. How can we do this using iphone simulator?

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If you have access to a previous version of Xcode, containing support for the SDK you need, you can copy the SDK files over to your current Xcode installation. Have a look at this S.O. answer.

In short, you open Xcode package in the Finder, then access the SDKs folder to copy the SDK versions you need.

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that doesn't work. I installed xcode 3.2 with firmwares 2.2.1-3.1.3 and iphone simulator failed to start with error "The simulated application quit" and button to swith sdk. I could only start the iphone simulator with >= 4.0 ios version. Is there any other way to test ios app on 3.1 firmwares? –  sidslog Aug 14 '11 at 10:54
what about if you only try and use sdk 3.x? anyway, bad that that trick stopped working... sorry... –  sergio Aug 14 '11 at 10:58
I tried, but with the same result. May be that's because I have 10.7 mac os (Lion). And there were problems with Core Data and Interface Builder files. In xcode 4.1 these files have different format and .xib file simple didn't compile. –  sidslog Aug 14 '11 at 11:39

You can try installing the IOS sdk for the previous versions. You will need to install the sdk's in the following location:

~/Library/Application Support/iPhone Simulator

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