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I have created a Login webpage in asp.net with oracle as back end. Its kind of portal thing.

When I am loading the web page in laptop browser its completely fine. When I am loading the web page in mobile browser its loading as normal with no problems.

But I want to load the page with a customized view when browsed in iPhone/mobile . Can anyone give me idea how to do it please?

Example: when facebbook.com loads in iphone it uses the same databse but completely different view than in desktop.

Thank you

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The best way I find to do this is to add a separate mobile site (e.g. m.domain.com), and have mobile browsers redirect to this.

For adding a seperate mobile site, this guide seems to explain it very well.

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Thank you very much Nick. I really got the concept. But what I am now concerned about is that: I have created a asp.net web application but will I need to recode it again for the sub domain and if so, how to do it. Or is there an easy way. –  A Hassan Aug 15 '11 at 21:42

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