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My code sends multiple emails in loop with attachment,

Problem is attachments of last(previous all) emails get attached to next email.

ex. suppose 3 emails in database with 1 attachment in each(a1.pdf, a2.pdf, a3.pdf) then, it sends email with attachment as

email 1:

attachment :a1.pdf

email 2:

attachment :a1.pdf, a2.pdf

email 3:

attachment :a1.pdf, a2.pdf, a3.pdf

I am using codeigniter framework.

My code is (this code is called in loop)

. . .


        if(strlen($item->attachment) > 5)
            $attachments = explode(',', $item->attachment);
            foreach($attachments as $attachment)
                $this->email->attach(FCPATH . 'attachments/' . $attachment);                    



. . .

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found solution: $this->email->clear(TRUE); – Anil Shelar Aug 13 '11 at 13:54

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You need to use $this->email->clear(); to clean out the variables set within the loop. Read the manual.

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You need to reset it in CodeIgniter.

At the end of the loop add:


This resets all email variables including the attachments, allowing you to create a new mail.

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Thank you, MaartenC89 – Anil Shelar Aug 13 '11 at 13:55
This works but in my case, it does not attached file on the last loop. – Kentot Nov 20 at 1:24

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