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I am using VB6. The tool that i have created extracts few zip files and unzips them onto a folder that i create locally.In the clean up part of my code, i have deleted the folder using this code

If (f.FolderExists(path + "Extracted Files") = True) Then
     f.DeleteFolder (path + "Extracted Files")
End If

When i run this code, i get an error Run Time Error '70' and Permission Denied in the line f.DeleteFolder(path + 'Extracted Files').

Where am i going wrong ? Or do i need to create the folder with a different permission ?

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Perhaps one or more of the files is read-only? Use the optional force parameter to force deletion:

f.DeleteFolder (path + "Extracted Files"), True
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You are using a library written in another language to extract the files? Verify that any pointer was open, it is likely that some file is opened, good luck!

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