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I used Visual Studio 2010, MVC 3 and Entity Framework 4.1 (Database First) to create a web application using an existing database. In other words the structure of the database was used to generate the basic code for the models. I created controllers with "Controller with Read/Write actions and views, using EntityFrameword" as scaffolding option. However, I cannot see the data that was already in my database when I access the web application, and if I insert new data, I can see it using the web application, but I cannot see it in my database. I am now wondering where my web application is fetching and storing its data. It is as if a new database with an identical structure had been created elsewhere, but I don't know where.

By the way, I specified "New Data Context..." as Data Context Class when creating my first controller.

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have you seen the connectionstring – Tassadaque Aug 13 '11 at 15:28

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I suppose that you should start create Db (or another one scenerio to create new db and drop ex)

DropCreateDatabaseAlways<OhMyContext> initDb = 
                             new DropCreateDatabaseAlways<OhMyContext>();

And after that

using (OhMyContext context = new OhMyContext())

and now you can use your db. it will create SQL server as defined config.

of course you should use your DbSet<T> as collections. but data will be modified (update, delete or insert) after context.SaveChanges().


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