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I had this, and got "Howdy, "

<p> Howdy, <% Model.ToString(); %> </p>

I changed it to

<p> Howdy, <%: Model.ToString() %> </p>

and got "Howdy, Chris". (Which is what I expected.) I found several pages that listed the different kinds of inline expressions, but none of the ones that I found listed the one with the colon, and googling "<%:" doesn't seem to find anything ;).

Thanks much

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Also, <% %> is just going to evaluate the code inside the block. If you want to display it on the screen, you need <%= or <%: –  Nathan Ratcliff Aug 13 '11 at 16:59
<% string name = "<strong>basilard99</strong>"; %>
Welcome <% name; %>!

Renders Welcome !

Welcome <% Response.Write(name); %>!
Welcome <%= name %>! <!-- Same thing -->

Renders Welcome <strong>basilard99</strong>!

Welcome <% Response.Write(Server.HtmlEncode(name)); %>!
Welcome <%: name %> <!-- Same thing -->

Renders Welcome &lt;strong&gt;basilard99&lt;/strong&gt;!

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