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I have a bug in my 404 setup. I know that because, when I try to reach some page which doesn't exist, I get my server error template. But that templates is useless because it doesn't give me any debug info. In order to get django's debug page, I need to set DEBUG=True in settings file. But if I do that, bug doesn't appear because django doesn't try to access my buggy 404 setup. So what do you guys think?

This is in my root urls file: handler404 = '' And this is in

def handlenotfound(request):
    global common_data
    datas = {
        'tags' : Tag.objects.all(),
        'date_list' : Post.objects.filter(yayinlandi=True).dates("pub_date","year")
    return render_to_response("404.html",datas)


I guess I also need to return a HttpResponseNotFound right?

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I accepted ftartaggia's answer although isbadawi's answer actually solved my problem, because his answer actually answered the question. – yasar Aug 13 '11 at 18:26
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If I had to debug this kind of errors, I would either

  • temporarily turn the handler into a simple view served by a custom url, so that django's internal mechanisms don't get into the way, or

  • (temporarily) wrap the handler code in a try..except block to log any error you may have missed

Anyway, are you sure your handler doesn't get called if DEBUG=true?

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data.update(common_data) should be datas.update(common_data).

(Incidentally, data is already plural: the singular is datum.)

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