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What are the different alternative frameworks available for object to object mapping in .NET apart from AutoMapper

Currently we're planning to use AutoMapper, but before finalizing this framework, we want to understand any other frameworks are out there.

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EmitMapper, http://emitmapper.codeplex.com/

ValueInjecter http://valueinjecter.codeplex.com/

BLToolkit http://bltoolkit.net/Doc.ObjectToObject.ashx

And my homework development OoMapper https://github.com/hazzik/OoMapper

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Thanks for your great help. which one is recommended? –  subramn Aug 13 '11 at 17:47
If performance is a consideration EmitMapper wins big time. Its perf as pretty close to handwritten conversion code. –  Shreedhar Kotekar Mar 21 '12 at 15:15
ValueInjecter last version in 2011/feb, EmitMapper last version in 2010/Jan - that is kind of point of concern I think. –  Giedrius Aug 8 '13 at 9:32

I went through a similar process recently trying to find a mapper that really covers all my scenarios as well. I've found ValueInjecter the best out of the automapper, emitmapper, and a few others on codeplex.

I choose ValueInjector because it's the most flexible of them all. I had a requirement to map from entity to viewmodel, and viewmodel back to entity, deep cloning where you have customer -> projects -> project, recursive situations like customer <-> project, and add/update/delete of children collections.

Out of the box ValueInjector doesn't support this, but it's framework is extensible enough to support this easily. You can see my extension point in this convention I posted on their discussion forum...


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There are many alternatives like:

  • EmitMapper
  • AutoMapper
  • ValueInjecter
  • TinyMapper
  • OoMapper
  • Mapster

But also you can use Expressmapper. It is simple and it is based on expression trees that work as hand-written code and any mappings are highly optimized across the solution. Also you can take a look at facts - benchmarks that prove Expressmapper is the same as hand-written code. It possesses almost the same bunch of features that AutoMapper does, others will be supported in the future releases. And it is extremely easy to use.

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Old question, but take a look at Mapster if you're using .Net 4.5...it's typically a lot faster than AutoMapper (10-50X in the scenarios I've used it in) if performance is critical and supports most AutoMapper scenarios. Always remember to perf test as results vary by scenario. It's not as performant as EmitMapper, but unfortunately, EmitMapper seems to have become a bit abandoned.



Disclosure...it's one of my projects that was created for a high load service where AutoMapper started showing up as one of our bottlenecks.

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