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I am programming the admin part of a Swing application using WindowBuider, it would basically be tables filled with items which I need to do a CRUD operations on them. the Data comes from MySQL database. I can do it by hand but, it will take too long

Is there an easy way to do that ? using something like in Access forms...


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Standard Swing components a too low level and do not provide anything like you need. If commercial solution is suitable from you, have a look at JIDE components.

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The article Binding Beans and Data in a Desktop Application shows how to bind persistent data to Swing components. NetBeans can generate entity classes from a database and create the corresponding Persistence Unit using any of several providers. This very simple example began with a Customer entity derived from an H2 Database and accessed via a Top-Link Essentials provider.

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The NetBeans Platform contains all kinds of tables and data binding. Because it's built with Swing, you can use the components in regular swing apps.

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