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I'm using SQLiteJDBC as the wrapper for an embedded database for my small Java app. Everytime I execute an INSERT statement, I get the following exception:

query does not return ResultSet

I am wondering if the JDBC Statement.executeStatement(String) method is looking for me to return a ResultSet, but that the SQLite driver knows that INSERT statements don't return anything; maybe SQLiteJDBC is throwing an error because it shouldn't be returning the ResultSet that Statement is asking for?!?

Here is the code that is producing the exception - I have made sure to setup and close all resources properly:

statement = con.createStatement();
String sql = "INSERT INTO widgets (widget_age) VALUES (27)";

Any ideas?!?

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When you are making a change and not asking for a result back, you need to call executeUpdate() instead of executeStatement().


I can't even find a reference to executeStatement() anywhere. Were you using executeQuery()?

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Sqlite always returns a message quen you execute a Query.

It's normal to have that warning/error, it's simply that no rows where returned so you can't use them in the callback if you defined one.

PD: I also think you meant executeQuery

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