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I'm trying to upload my asp.net site to my HostGator windows server. I'm having a problem connecting to the SQL Server database in my App_Data folder. It's giving me the error:

Login failed for user 'PSS004\IWPD_353([UserName])'.

I use Windows Authentication in Visual Studio 2010 to access the database and view the site just fine locally. Is that causing a problem? If so how do I set up a user/pass to use when accessing the database file once it's on my hosting server?

If any further information is needed that I left out just let me know.


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When you run the code from your webserver, its most likely using a network service account (and hence windows auth wont work). Add a user account to sql server and change the connection string to use sql auth instead and that should fix it

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Ok thanks I'm gonna try this... just gotta find out how to add a user account to the sql server on my hostgator server. –  moopasta Aug 13 '11 at 18:00
If your using a shared hosting account its most likely already done for you, you just need to figure out what the account information is. Might want to place a call/chat to support –  iamkrillin Aug 13 '11 at 18:01
I can't seem to get an answer from HostGator... seems like no one understands what is going on. Is there a method I can use to setup my database so I don't have to change my connectionstring or anything from my local machine (where it is working) to uploading it to their server? -- I changed the connectionstring in web.config and reuploaded it with a specified user id and password but the error still says Login failed for user 'PSS004\IWPD_353([UserName])'. So I guess I need to change something somewhere else also as that's not the user id I specified in the connectionstring. –  moopasta Aug 13 '11 at 19:01
it looks like on host gator they have a cPanel control panel.. Try logging into that and see if it has the username/pass for your database. –  iamkrillin Aug 13 '11 at 19:38

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