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I have tried alot with First Data API but problem is Host don't allow OpenSSL installed on server and don't open 1129 port.

Only option is Web Services.

I called First Data and regenerated my Credentials that might fix the error 401 Authorization but when try to connect from WIN7 local machine get that error. Followed the documentation but still no success.

Below is the code. Can someone help me with the code and tell me what is wrong?

For WebService using UserName and Password from file WS00000000._.1.auth provided by First Data webservice API download.

ServicePointManager.Expect100Continue = false;
// Initialize Service ObjectFDGGWSApiOrderService
FDGGWSApiOrderService oFDGGWSApiOrderService = new FDGGWSApiOrderService();

// Set the WSDL URL
oFDGGWSApiOrderService.Url = @"https://ws.merchanttest.firstdataglobalgateway.com/fdggwsapi/services/order.wsdl";

// Configure Client Certificate
oFDGGWSApiOrderService.ClientCertificates.Add(X509Certificate.CreateFromCertFile("C:/Users/Chris/Documents/Visual Studio 2010/Projects/FDGGWSClient/FDGGWSClient/WS00000000._.1.pem"));
// Set the Authentication Credentials

NetworkCredential nc = new NetworkCredential("WS00000000._.1", "xxxx");
oFDGGWSApiOrderService.Credentials = nc;

// Create Sale Transaction Request
FDGGWSApiOrderRequest oOrderRequest = new FDGGWSApiOrderRequest();
Transaction oTransaction = new Transaction();
CreditCardTxType oCreditCardTxType = new CreditCardTxType();
oCreditCardTxType.Type = CreditCardTxTypeType.sale;
CreditCardData oCreditCardData = new CreditCardData();
oCreditCardData.ItemsElementName = new ItemsChoiceType[] 
oCreditCardData.Items = new string[] { "4012000033330026", "12", "12" };
oTransaction.Items = new object[] { oCreditCardTxType, oCreditCardData };
Payment oPayment = new Payment();
oPayment.ChargeTotal = 120;
oTransaction.Payment = oPayment;
oOrderRequest.Item = oTransaction;

// Get the Response
FDGGWSApiOrderResponse oReponse = null;
    oReponse = oFDGGWSApiOrderService.FDGGWSApiOrder(oOrderRequest);
    string sApprovalCode = oReponse.TransactionResult;
    this.textBox1.Text = oReponse.TransactionResult;
catch (System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException ex)
    // Catch the Exception
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Are you still having problems with this? –  Mike Wills Dec 14 '11 at 22:10
No already solved. –  Rashid Dec 15 '11 at 13:23

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