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I'm using the primefaces datatable and I've seen many times the onRowSelectUpdate event calling "display"?

What "display" means? is it a public method of the component or something?

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It refers the ID of the component which is to be ajax-updated whenever you select a row. For example, a detail display.

<p:dataTable id="mytable" onRowSelectUpdate="mydisplay">
<p:someComponent id="mydisplay">
    <p>This component will be ajax-updated whenever a row is selected.
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From the PrimeFaces user guide, page 127:

Component(s) to update instantly after a row is selected.

Sounds like it works in the same way as the Ajax update attribute, but is activated when a row is selected in a data table. I've never used it myself so I don't have any code samples to share.

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