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Any ideas how to avoid adding 20 different require() statements to each one of my CI controllers?

As a follow up to my previous question about integrating Propel with my project, a more involved problem. I am trying to include a generated class into my application controller. Here is the code:


class PolicyType extends CI_Controller {

    function PolicyType() {

    function index() {
        $data = array();
        $data['policytypes'] = PolicytypeQuery::create()->find();



The generated class depends on some base class, and I am getting an error that indicates that this base class is not already included somewhere:

[Sat Aug 13 16:22:56 2011] [error] [client] PHP Fatal error:
Class 'BasePolicytypeQuery' not found in
/var/lib/IPV/util/build/classes/vault/PolicytypeQuery.php on line 16

I would think that generated code would have the necessary require() statements also generated. However, it doesn't appear so:

 * Skeleton subclass for performing query and update operations on the 'policytype' table.
 * You should add additional methods to this class to meet the
 * application requirements.  This class will only be generated as
 * long as it does not already exist in the output directory.
 * @package    propel.generator.vault
class PolicytypeQuery extends BasePolicytypeQuery {

} // PolicytypeQuery

Is there a Propel generator option to add require() statements into generated code? Or maybe I'm not autoloading Propel correctly in my project. To that end, I followed this tutorial on integrating Propel with CodeIgniter:


Per step 3, I am including Propel in autoloaded libraries. Should this be resolving my issue?

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Yes, it should.

PHP has a facility called autoloading classes. I don't know propel, but if it properly uses __autoload, you should not need to use any require anymore.

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Propel has its own autoloader, which you should use.

At your initialisation phase in CI, you should initialise Propel thus (see step 2 in the CI link):


That file, database-conf.php, is generated by the convert-conf command, together with an autoloader classmap, called classmap-database-conf.php. The former includes the latter - once you have done that your Propel classes will all load automatically.

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