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So I attempted at giving Xcode 4 a swing, after uninstalled XCode 3, and it failed me.With all the shortcuts out of place i didn't feel at home. So i uninstalled XCode 4, and began installing Xcode 3 once again. but this time. I am no longer allowed to download the Xcode Toolset.!

At first i assumed that the Xcode toolset would someone works it way into the instillation and it would all work out. but after installing this more that 3x on my computer I cannot seem to FIND XCODE at ALL! nor can i find iOS simulator or any other software. What do i have to do inorder to fix this?

I think this is happening because I inappropriately uninstalled Xcode 3 the first time, I used an application called App Zapper rather than running the -sudeo command...

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I found out why it was't allowing me to download the Xcode toolset. The reason is that I was running OSX Lion and Lion Demands that you not downgrade your Xcode 4 to Xcode 3. But at the same time if you have Xcode 3 you can continue using it... Basically. If you cannot download the Xcode3 toolset and your running OSX Lion, its because you will no longer be able to. – Brandon Talmood Aug 25 '11 at 20:07

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You can install Xcode 3 on Lion using the following method:

  • Mount the Xcode 3.2.6 DMG
  • Open Terminal
  • Enter the commands:

    open "/Volumes/Xcode and iOS SDK/Xcode and iOS SDK.mpkg"

Use at your own risk as Xcode 3 is not supported by Apple on OSX Lion.

If you are installing alongside Xcode 4, make sure to install into a different directory (create this in Finder first), and then you can untick all the boxes apart from the Essentials and it'll run just fine.


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Just a heads-up: on Mountain Lion and Mavericks (and quite possibly on other versions as well, but I only "tested" this two...) this causes a kernel panic at startup, so I would advise against installing Xcode 3 on them.

If you already did that, and need some help, here and here are some information.

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