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I have such simple example. I want to replace text in for example add ann.c same way I replace it in add Ann.c. How to do it with jQuery?

Here is how I've done it: $("#tags").val().replace(dictionary[j]['name'].toLowerCase(), dictionary[j]['realvalue']); Sorry for bothering... but any more optimal solutions are much welcome.

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$("#tags").val().toLowerCase(); // will convert all uppercase characters to lowercase ones

Then it looks for e.g. ann.c so you'd need to alter the object:

var dictionary = jQuery.parseJSON('[ { "name": "ann.c",  "realvalue": "./34534j435345j3b3"  }, {   "name": "ann.h",   "realvalue": "./333dfsdGjh45j3b5" }]');

By the way what about:

var dictionary = [ { "name": "ann.c",  "realvalue": "./34534j435345j3b3" },
                   { "name": "ann.h",  "realvalue": "./333dfsdGjh45j3b5" } ];


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Use String.replace() with a regexp object that has the i (case-insensitive) flag set.

You can safely build a regexp object from an arbitrary string provided that you escape that string first.

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faster than me... oh well... –  Joseph Marikle Aug 13 '11 at 22:28
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var text = $("#tags").val().replace(RegExp(dictionary[j]['name'],"i"), dictionary[j]['realvalue']);

you can convert the string to a regex and add case insensitive to it.

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