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I have spent hours upon days trying to resolve this.

Rake is throwing the following error:

dcarpenter$ rake

    rake aborted!
    uninitialized constant ActionView::Helpers::JavaScriptProxy

I can't seem to find anyone who has had this issue on Google, this site or elsewhere. What steps should I take to resolve this and what do I need to know?

rake --trace yields:

/Users/dcarpenter/Dropbox/workspace/gems/rake-0.9.2/lib/rake/ext/module.rb:36:in `const_missing'
/Users/dcarpenter/Dropbox/workspace/gems/jrails-0.6.0/lib/jrails.rb:231:in `<module:Helpers>'
/Users/dcarpenter/Dropbox/workspace/gems/jrails-0.6.0/lib/jrails.rb:2:in `<module:ActionView>'
/Users/dcarpenter/Dropbox/workspace/gems/jrails-0.6.0/lib/jrails.rb:1:in `<top (required)>'
/Users/dcarpenter/Dropbox/workspace/gems/bundler-1.0.17/lib/bundler/runtime.rb:68:in `require'
/Users/dcarpenter/Dropbox/workspace/gems/bundler-1.0.17/lib/bundler/runtime.rb:68:in `block (2 levels) in require'
/Users/dcarpenter/Dropbox/workspace/gems/bundler-1.0.17/lib/bundler/runtime.rb:66:in `each'
/Users/dcarpenter/Dropbox/workspace/gems/bundler-1.0.17/lib/bundler/runtime.rb:66:in `block in require'
/Users/dcarpenter/Dropbox/workspace/gems/bundler-1.0.17/lib/bundler/runtime.rb:55:in `each'
/Users/dcarpenter/Dropbox/workspace/gems/bundler-1.0.17/lib/bundler/runtime.rb:55:in `require'
/Users/dcarpenter/Dropbox/workspace/gems/bundler-1.0.17/lib/bundler.rb:120:in `require'
/Users/dcarpenter/Dropbox/workspace/BlueFusion/config/application.rb:9:in `<top (required)>'
/Users/dcarpenter/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.2-p290/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.9.1/rubygems/custom_require.rb:36:in `require'
/Users/dcarpenter/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.2-p290/lib/ruby/site_ruby/1.9.1/rubygems/custom_require.rb:36:in `require'
/Users/dcarpenter/Dropbox/workspace/BlueFusion/Rakefile:4:in `<top (required)>'
/Users/dcarpenter/Dropbox/workspace/gems/rake-0.9.2/lib/rake/rake_module.rb:25:in `load'
/Users/dcarpenter/Dropbox/workspace/gems/rake-0.9.2/lib/rake/rake_module.rb:25:in `load_rakefile'
/Users/dcarpenter/Dropbox/workspace/gems/rake-0.9.2/lib/rake/application.rb:495:in `raw_load_rakefile'
/Users/dcarpenter/Dropbox/workspace/gems/rake-0.9.2/lib/rake/application.rb:78:in `block in load_rakefile'
/Users/dcarpenter/Dropbox/workspace/gems/rake-0.9.2/lib/rake/application.rb:129:in `standard_exception_handling'
/Users/dcarpenter/Dropbox/workspace/gems/rake-0.9.2/lib/rake/application.rb:77:in `load_rakefile'
/Users/dcarpenter/Dropbox/workspace/gems/rake-0.9.2/lib/rake/application.rb:61:in `block in run'
/Users/dcarpenter/Dropbox/workspace/gems/rake-0.9.2/lib/rake/application.rb:129:in `standard_exception_handling'
/Users/dcarpenter/Dropbox/workspace/gems/rake-0.9.2/lib/rake/application.rb:59:in `run'
/Users/dcarpenter/Dropbox/workspace/gems/rake-0.9.2/bin/rake:32:in `<top (required)>'
/Users/dcarpenter/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.2-p290/bin/rake:19:in `load'
/Users/dcarpenter/.rvm/rubies/ruby-1.9.2-p290/bin/rake:19:in `<main>'

gem list yields:

abstract (1.0.0)
actionmailer (3.1.0.rc5, 3.0.9)
actionpack (3.1.0.rc5, 3.0.9)
activemodel (3.1.0.rc5, 3.0.9)
activerecord (3.1.0.rc5, 3.0.9)
activeresource (3.1.0.rc5, 3.0.9)
activesupport (3.1.0.rc5, 3.0.9)
addressable (2.2.6)
arel (2.1.4, 2.0.10)
barby (0.4.3)
bcrypt-ruby (2.1.4)
builder (3.0.0, 2.1.2)
bundler (1.0.17)
chunky_png (1.2.1)
compass (0.11.5)
erubis (2.7.0, 2.6.6)
faraday (0.7.4)
faraday_middleware (0.7.0)
fssm (0.2.7)
hashie (1.0.0)
hike (1.2.0)
i18n (0.6.0, 0.5.0)
jrails (0.6.0)
json (1.5.3)
jwt (0.1.3)
koala (1.1.0)
linkedin (0.3.1)
mail (2.3.0, 2.2.19)
mime-types (1.16)
multi_json (1.0.3)
multi_xml (0.2.2)
multipart-post (1.1.3)
mysql2 (0.2.11)
oauth (0.4.5)
polyglot (0.3.2)
pr_geohash (1.0.0)
rack (1.3.2, 1.2.3)
rack-cache (1.0.2)
rack-mount (0.8.2, 0.6.14)
rack-ssl (1.3.2)
rack-test (0.6.1, 0.5.7)
rails (3.1.0.rc5)
railties (3.1.0.rc5)
rake (0.9.2, 0.8.7)
rdoc (3.9.2)
sass (3.1.7)
simple_oauth (0.1.5)
sprockets (2.0.0.beta.13)
thor (0.14.6)
tilt (1.3.2)
treetop (1.4.10)
twilio-ruby (3.3.0)
twitter (1.6.1)
tzinfo (0.3.29)
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What are you trying to do? what's your question? – Alexis Métaireau Aug 13 '11 at 22:50
I'm new to rails and was wondering where I need to start looking to resolve the error that was thrown. i.e. do you think it may be an issue with bundler or rake or...? – Drew Aug 13 '11 at 23:01
I know someone has mentioned this previously but I really think your best bet is going to be to ditch jRails and move to jQuery...especially since you're in 3.1... – jaydel Aug 13 '11 at 23:02
try at least commenting out the jRails in your Gemfile and see if that changes your output? – jaydel Aug 13 '11 at 23:03
one sec. lemme run that real quick. i am ramping on to an existing project so ditching jrails is unfortunately not an option – Drew Aug 13 '11 at 23:04

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Just for the sake of saying, jrails is not complatible with Rails 3 and the project is basically dead since 2009. If you are on Rails 3 you should use the jquery-ujs gem that kind of fills in the hole jrails used to get into.

This does not mean it's just going to work, but it's the first step of you really want to move on to Rails 3.

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