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Strangely, instance variable brand is private scope, yet accessible the "public" way inside of method compareTo.

public class Car implements Comparable<Car> {
    private String brand;

    public String getBrand() {
        return brand;

    public void setBrand(String brand) {
        this.brand = brand;

    public int compareTo(Car o) {
        return this.brand.compareTo(o.brand);
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Yes, that's a true statement. What is the question? –  Affe Aug 14 '11 at 2:55

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Class variable brand is private to other classes not the class Car itself.

for instance if you try

class Foo
          Car car = new Car();
          string brand = car.brand; // <-- will not compile; 
                                    // should use car.getBrand()
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You can access the brand member of the instance O because you are in another instance of the same type

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Private specifies that the variable can only be accessed by members of the class. There is nothing wrong with the scenario above.

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