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In WCF can you re-use enpoint behaviors, service behaviors and bindings? Or must each service / endpoint have distinct ones even if they are the same except for their ID.

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You can reuse them - just specify the appropriate one(s) (via the name you gave them in their section) for the endpoints in question.

For example, assume you have a service behavior named "MyServiceBehavior", a wsHttpBinding named "MyWsHttpBinding" and an endpoint behavior named "MyEndpointBehavior".

For the service behavior, you'd use the behaviorConfiguration attribute (behaviorConfiguration="MyServiceBehavior") in the <service> element.

For the binding and endpoint behavior, you'd use the bindingConfiguration attribute (bindingConfiguration="MyWsHttpBinding") and the behaviorConfiguration attribute (behaviorConfiguration="MyEndpointBehavior") of the <endpoint> element.

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