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How to get this working on WP7?

private static Bitmap ResizeBitmap(Bitmap sourceBMP, int width, int height)
    Bitmap result = new Bitmap(width, height);
    using (Graphics g = Graphics.FromImage(result))
        g.DrawImage(sourceBMP, 0, 0, width, height);
    return result;
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This is how I scale down an image selected from the medialibrary or taken with the camera, hope it helps. It keeps the aspect ratio.

    private void PhotoChooserTaskCompleted(object sender, PhotoResult e)
        if (e.TaskResult != TaskResult.OK) return;

        var bmp = new BitmapImage();

        var scaledDownImage = AspectScale(bmp, 640, 480);

        MyImage.Source = scaledDownImage;

    private BitmapImage AspectScale(BitmapImage img, int maxWidth, int maxHeigh)
        double scaleRatio;

        if (img.PixelWidth > img.PixelHeight)
            scaleRatio = (maxWidth/(double) img.PixelWidth);
            scaleRatio = (maxHeigh/(double) img.PixelHeight);

        var scaledWidth = img.PixelWidth * scaleRatio;
        var scaledHeight = img.PixelHeight * scaleRatio;

        using (var mem = new MemoryStream())
            var wb = new WriteableBitmap(img);
            wb.SaveJpeg(mem, (int)scaledWidth, (int)scaledHeight, 0, 100);
            mem.Seek(0, SeekOrigin.Begin);
            var bn = new BitmapImage();
            return bn;
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You haven't really described exactly what you want, do you just want to render the image bigger / smaller on the screen? or access the pixel values of a resized image?

  1. To render an bitmap image to a different size / scale, you simple use an Image element and set its Width / Height as desired. The framework will take care of scaling it for you.
  2. If you need to obtain the pixel values of the scaled result, construct a WriteableBitmap from the scaled image described in (1).
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2. How to do this? I have a picture from media library and need to send it via network and I need to compress the size of image(reduce size). –  wsevendays Aug 14 '11 at 9:58

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