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I've been trying to do this search:

the post's title is 'help me'

in my code it's:


so if I search 'help', 'me', or 'help me' I get the post, however if I search 'me help', I don't. I want to search 'me help' and still get the post. Or if a post's title is 'help me please' and I search 'help please', I'll still get the post...

So I searched a bit on stackoverflow... and reached a post here: Django + Haystack how to do this search

I followed the accepted answer's two suggestions

however, when I did:

Change HAYSTACK_DEFAULT_OPERATOR within your settings.py to be OR. 

when I search 'me help', I got all results, even those without 'help' or 'me'

when I did:


nothing really changed, searching 'help', 'me', 'help me' worked, but 'me help' still didn't.

I'm sure the answer's obvious, but I new to haystack... So how do I get the query (searching 'me help') to get the post ('help me')?

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Have you tried using the auto_query method? E.g

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