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The printf() function will return the number of characters printed. But in the code below why is it printing 5.

int a=1000;

It prints "1000" once and a space, so altogether we have 2 characters.

It should output "1000 2". But its outputting "1000 5".

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The number of characters output is 5. 1000 is four characters. \n is one character.

printf doesn't return the number of "items" output like the scanf family of functions do for input. It returns the actual character count.

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The inner call happens first, prints 5 characters (\n, 1, 0, 0, 0) and returns 5.

The outer call then happens, and prints the 5 that was returned by the inner call.

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suppose expression:

int a=10;


b=10 a=4;

bbecause of value of assigned to b i.e




count as four and assigns to the a i.e:

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The number 1000 is composed of four digits therefore it take four characters to print it. Four character plus the line feed is five characters.

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in printf("%d",printf("\n%d",a)); the printf("\n%d",a) will print a newline char '\n' and the integer value 1000 which makes a total of 5 characters. The first inner printf is called first which prints the newline and 1000, and then the returned value 5 is printed by the outer printf.

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You should clearly notice that 1000 is 4 letters and you have \n which it is a character by it self

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Lets first check the output of inner printf :

/n, 1, 0, 0, 0

Now you need to consider 2 things:

1) You have to take escape sequences like '\n','\t' etc into account.
2) You have to take 1 escape sequence as 1 character (not 2)

The outer printf returns the actual character count of inner printf which is 5. So outer printf returns 5.

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Printf return the number of character successfully printed by the function.

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