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I am new to Layar development. I would like to sign up for the Layar Vision challenge but I could not enable Layar vision for my layers. On this help page the process for enabling layer vision is defined as;

 On "create a new layer" page, an option to enable "Layar Vision" is added to indicate that this layer is a Vision enabled layer. This option can be edited later under the "General" tab of the "layer editing" page.

However I could not work out how to do this. Please can someone help me?

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Once you Click on "Create new layer", you'll be asked to fill all the details about the layer which includes display name,title,API url etc . The last option on the list would 'enable Layar vision"

link to create a new layar

Please post such question on layar developer forums rather

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Thanks, that was helpful. – Calibron Mar 25 '12 at 11:55

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