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I am trying to save date in my database' datetime field. My variable catches date as

vrDteTimePprBgn As Date = Today.Date

then I save it as drNewRowMCQsAns.Item("DTE") = vrDteTimePprBgn

At runtime, I get error There was an error in a part of the date format. [ Expression (if known) = ] Please advise. Thanks

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locale: US versus non-US date? –  Mitch Wheat Aug 14 '11 at 9:34

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Try this

Public Function SQLDate(ByVal DT As Date)
    Dim FDay As Byte = DT.Day
    Dim FMonth As Byte = DT.Month
    Dim FYear As Integer = DT.Year
    Dim FHour As Byte = DT.Hour
    Dim FMin As Byte = DT.Minute
    Dim FSec As Byte = DT.Second

    SQLDate = FYear & "-" & FMonth & "-" & FDay  & " " & FHour & ":" & FMin & ":" & FSec 
End Function

The resul is in String format but it works sorry for my bad English

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