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Ihave this simple if elseif statement that doesn't seems to work.

The variables are passed from a checkbox select.

If used like this it works just for the type selection.

If i use a if + if statement, it shows results for the second select.

Any ideas?

$link=mysql_connect ("localhost", ".............", ".........") 
    or die("Nu s-a putut face conectarea la serverul SQL!");  
mysql_select_db("......") or die("Nu s-a putut selecta baza de date!");

if (($type1)||($type2)||($type3))
$q="SELECT * FROM biju WHERE tip like '%$type1%' or tip like '%$type2%' or tip like  '%$type3%'";

elseif (($man)||($wom)||($chd))
$q="SELECT * FROM biju WHERE gen like '%$man%' or gen like '%$chd%' or gen like '%$wom%'";

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The sample code is vulnerable to SQL injection, which is a very serious security risk. To fix this hole, switch from the outdated mysql extension to PDO and use prepared statements, passing the values as parameters to the statement rather than interpolating them directly into the string. If you need a PDO tutorial, try "Writing MySQL Scripts with PHP and PDO". The site you save may just be your own. –  outis Aug 14 '11 at 10:33

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The else if branch will only be executed if the first if branch did not return true. That just how if+elseif works.

After the your if condition you do the query. You only do a single query (either with the first or the second querystring from the condition). You'd have to move $result=…; $nr=…; inside your if block

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please notice the sqli vulnerability in your code as well –  knittl Aug 14 '11 at 9:53

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