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What is the general procedure to install Windows CE on an embedded device (like the eBox4300? Is there an equivalent of the PXE boot in windows so that I can boot the device over a network, and then install Windows CE on it?

I have googled extensively, and the only thing I've gathered is that there is a dos bootloader that if present (preloaded) will enable me to do this. But since the flashdisk was formatted, this isn't possible. And I'm unable to get my hands on this bootloader. Any help will be appreciated.


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Well, I did figure out how to do this eventually. The steps I followed were as follows:

  1. Make a bootable USB drive using HP Drive Key Boot Utility (via bootdisk.com Method 2)
  2. Format the flash disk in the device.
  3. Make the flash disk in the device bootable using MBRTool (This is necessary if you installed GRUB on the disk. The MBR needs to be overwritten)
  4. From the Win CE installation folder, from drive:\<path to wince installation>\PLATFORM\CEPC\SRC\BOOTLOADER\DOS\BOOTDISKcopy all files and paste it to the flash disk in the device (These files always comes with Win CE installation)
  5. Put your build of Win CE - EBOOT.BIN in the flash disk on the device (This will be your custom Win CE image)
  6. Remove the USB drive, and boot the device. Your new build of Win CE should boot up.
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