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I am an experienced iPhone Developer, but now i am on a Mac OS X Project and stuck with a simple Problem.

I have created a custom NSXML Parser Delegate and added two new Delegate Functions. The one Function sets the maxValue of a NSProgressIndicator (BarStyle) and the other one Updates this value and prints the current Element Number to a NSTextField.

In debugger i am able to see that all the setted vars are properly set, but at the UI they are only displayed when the NSXMLParser Class has finished its work.

So my question: What i have to do, if i want to Update the UI Elements with theyre current values?

- (void) setProgressBarValue:(double)val {
    [progressBar setMaxValue:val];

- (void) setProgressBarProgress:(double)val {
    [progressBar setDoubleValue:val];

If i missed some Info, sorry because of that, ask and you get what you need to know... :)

Tank you a lot, Dennis

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Please post some code to show how you're updating the progress indicator. Are you updating it on the main thread? –  Rob Keniger Aug 14 '11 at 15:19
So the code is added in my Post. One more thing to say the Methods get called at the right times and if i set this Values, while NSXMLParser isnt running it works fine (but as you imagine this isnt what i want to achive). –  Dennis S. Aug 15 '11 at 6:00
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