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The problem I'm having is that I import products with Magmi (magento product import open source solution), but I don't see the product image on the front end. I need to know which table in magento database contains image names so that I could maybe feed it somehow directly...

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You could have an issue with rewrites if the URLs in the table are correct. –  Nic Aug 14 '11 at 16:25

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The table above stores the values that will link your images, but you need check first with the eav_attribute table to find the correct attribute_id key that will reference the image. While this answers your question, I want to remind you that making database changes directly is strongly discouraged. Hope this makes sense.

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catalog_product_entity_varchar references the attributes for base_image, small_image & thumbnail along with other attributes requiring an image.

To find all of the images associates with a product we found all of the images listed within catalog_product_entity_media_gallery. This helped us find all duplicate images uploaded

-- We have also used this post to find/fix missing images after a product uploads http://www.blog.magepsycho.com/tag/catalog_product_entity_media_gallery/

but as already mentioned - use with caution

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