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I am trying my first deployment of rails app using Capistrano to AWS.

I am stumped at the following error. apparently connection issue for my ssh, though i could see both my public and private key files are present at the following location /home/thanikkal/.ssh/config (got added wen i did ssh-add) can anyone tell why this error is? or suggest further trouble shooting steps?

  • executing `deploy:setup'

    • executing "mkdir -p /home/ubuntu/myapp /home/ubuntu/myapp/releases /home/ubuntu/myapp/shared /home/ubuntu/myapp/shared/system /home/ubuntu/myapp/shared/ log /home/ubuntu/myapp/shared/pids"

    servers: ["ec2-xx-xx-xxx-xx.compute-1.amazonaws.com"] connection failed for: ec2-xx-xx-xxx-xx.compute-1.amazonaws.com (Errno::EISDIR: Is a directory - /home/thanikkal/.ssh/config)

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Looks like you have conflicting credentials in your "/home/thanikkal/.ssh/config" You might want to remove and see if it works.

You also need to make sure the ssh key folder contains both public and private keys.

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You right that really was the problem. Though I had that figured already. will mark your answer regardless :) – thanikkal Sep 6 '11 at 13:24

You could try to deploy using your pem file.

Here are the instructions you should include into your deploy.rb file

default_run_options[:pty] = true
ssh_options[:forward_agent] = true
ssh_options[:auth_methods] = "publickey"
ssh_options[:keys] = ["/path/to/your/pem/file/cert.pem"]
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No luck with those... :( Btw, is the .pem extension important? – thanikkal Aug 16 '11 at 10:17

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