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when I run my application I got this exception

a busy cat

I understood that the program is out of memory .. are there any other possible meaning for that exception?

given that I am calling a dll files (deployment from matlab)

thank you all

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what other meaning you expect here? – Tigran Aug 14 '11 at 14:02
I expect some problems in MCR (matlab compiler run-time) Is that possible? – Omar Osama Aug 14 '11 at 14:08

It's absolutely possible, just use Process Explorer to see your processe's WorkingSet. For 32 bit Windows systems maximum available memory for .NET Provecesses is arround 2GB, but it can be less based on your version configuration. Here is the SO Link on subject.

Considering the fact that you use matlab, so probably make a massive or complex calculations, you, probably, create a lot of objects/values to pass to DLL functions, which can be a one possible sources of bottleneck. But this is only a guess, cause you need to measure you program to figure out real problem.


Note: check your old questions and accept an answer you prefer among responses you got for every question, your rate is too low !

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