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I have a .dbml designer view, i have classes with properties, when i want to delete a property from a class, it deletes it from the view, but it is still possible to access that property from my code.

So my question is: How can i delete class property, that it wouldn't be accessable?


class diagram

View is something like that, and when i delete any property. It still is possible to access that property in my code. How can i delete that property permanently?

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What you mean, delete a property? Do you want to set it to null? –  svick Aug 14 '11 at 14:47

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The DBML is the input for a code generator. If the property doesn't exist in the input, it shouldn't exist in the generated output. I suspect you simply need to hit "save" on the DBML - or failing that, right click the DBML and hit "run custom tool".

If it still exists after that, press F12 to see where it is being defined.

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Saving the DBML file did not execute MSLinqToSQLGenerator for some reason, but "run custom tool" did the job. Thanks. –  Igoris Azanovas Aug 14 '11 at 15:18

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