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Is it possible to draw a circle using -webkit-border-radius in CSS3 whilst constraining the width and height to specific variables (such as height:100px and width:100px) so when text is added inside the circle the text wraps instead of forcing the size of the circle to change?

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if the size of the content changes, the element will change with it if necessary. – yoda Aug 14 '11 at 15:32
overflow:hidden ? – Mike Aug 14 '11 at 15:34
But you can do a SVG circle, with foreignObject's for HTML content. That way you can do vector and wrap at the same time ... – Mike Aug 14 '11 at 15:42

There is no way to make the element actually be circular, but you can definitely make the circle be of set size and make the text fit into the largest square that would fit inside the circle using padding:
(Example only works in WebKit browsers)

Although you do have to make sure there isn't too much text inside the circle to fit.

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It is possible to wrap text inside a circle created using css3 border radius. you just have to add the padding amount to the border radius


border-radius is the width/ height divided by 2. The element must be a perfect square to get a perfect circle. then add the padding amt to the border radius


   padding: 50px;


<div class="testCircle">
      Text inside a circle

This will cause the text to wrap inside the circle. Tested in FF. To know more about creating circles using css3 css circle with text wrapped inside.

P.S You have to be careful about the corners, though its looks circular the element is actually box shaped so have a comfortable padding so as to avoid the text being placed in the corners.

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