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How can I ask what commits are different between my current local branch and the remote repo that I push to?

Not exactly a git diff origin/master master -- I don't want to see code differences. Just a list of changes like git log.

I want to quickly see how long it's been since I pushed and how out of sync I am.

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possible duplicate of Viewing Unpushed Git Commits – Karl Bielefeldt Aug 14 '11 at 17:03
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git can not send this information remotely. You would have to do a git fetch(fetching the changes, without altering your working copy). You will then have a branch called "origin/master" which will enable you to use git log master..origin/master to get the variance between the two.

git fetch
git log master..origin/master
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You can see which commits are on origin/master but not yet on master using

git log master..origin/master

To see which commits are on your master which you haven't yet pushed, use

git log origin/master..master
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