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I am working with Glade to make a simple GUI application using PyGTK. I have two windows, one only showing up when a button is pressed.

    def on_preview_clicked(self, widget):
           print "You clicked the Preview button"
           prev = self.builder.get_object("previewWindow")

The window is working fine, but if I close it, and try to open it again, it becomes empty. I found on google that it may be because the window I am referring to was "destroyed", so I made the window hide instead.

    def hide_preview(self, widget):
            print "Hide it!"
            prev = self.builder.get_object("previewWindow")
            return True

This did nothing, the window still comes up empty the second time around. What am I missing?

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Can you create a minimal testcase that exhibits this problem? Maybe you're running into this problem or something, but it's hard to say without more info. In general, doing hide() and show() should allow the widgets to remain in your window. –  dumbmatter Aug 14 '11 at 16:34

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Without a working testcase of this, it's difficult to be sure, but try changing it from show() to show_all(), to be sure that all the child widgets of the window are shown as well.

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I will try this as son as I get of work. If it dose not work I will post a full example. –  Bjorn T Gustafsson Aug 15 '11 at 8:09

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