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Hi is it possible to play an embedded f4v file in flash?

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Yes, there's a wizard for adding a video to a swf you find it under File|Import|Import Video.... But it's not really recomendable. You often get out of sync video/audio. Plus the swf file will be huge.

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You can pull the file with swfObject's parameter. It also depends on what type of player you're using.

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Sorry, but the answer is a big fat no. I know, I know – it's awful.

You cannot feed embedded movie or aac data into the Flash Player's "native" media player. It can only play these files from a NetStream. You can play embeeded mp3s (and some other lossless formats) but you want video, I see.

I'ma see if I can do some hijacking and let you know if I succeed, but I'm not hopeful.

From this article about this stunningly bizzare oversight... requires a This means you cannot load embedded videos..."

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