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I'm using the jQuery BBQ plugin to push states to the location.hash.

To prevent a feedback loop, I'd like to disable the hashchange listener temporarily while setting the state programmatically.

I've seen this solution: Change hash without triggering a hashchange event

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to be perfectly robust as it sometimes triggers even though I do this:

  $(window).unbind( 'hashchange');
  setTimeout( function() { bindHashChange()}, 500);

Is there now a better approach to push states programmatically? Perhaps another JS library?

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Doing this with a timeout will not work reliably. The important part of the linked answer is setting a flag that your handler knows about. See the updated question for code.

Alternatively, bind a temporary handler to the event that is in charge of reestablishing your handler:

function updateState(state, handler) {
    var win = $(window);

    function temporaryHandler() {
        win.unbind('hashchange', temporaryHandler);
        win.bind('hashchange', handler);

    win.unbind('hashchange', handler);
    win.bind('hashchange', temporaryHandler);

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setTimeout is very weak. What do you mean by disabling the hashchange listener?

If you are just concerned about the auto scroll then you could put an element (with the correct ID) at the top of the pages scroll offset.

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