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I'm trying to convert jquery actions into variables that would eventually be sent off to a php query to search the database. I'm thinking that some things such as text inputs can be stored as strings, while I'm unsure how I should treat checkboxes. For example: I have a checkbox such as 'please include all that interests you": Beer Wine Sweets Should I make each label a seperate TRUE/FALSE boolean in the database? See my complete jsfiddle form and try to advise me (mind though,I'm a begginer in php,mysql and jquery :) ) Thank you everyone!


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You can use json for store all option. For example you can store your form in a json string and pass it with jquery ($.ajax)

{"hobbies": {"football": true,"cricket": false,"basket":true}}

try with http://braincast.nl/samples/jsoneditor/

and using json_encode and json_decode in php.

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You can store those checkboxes variables as tiny int or Boolean in the database Or you can store them in a single column (text) data type as json format like this [{"beer":0,"wine":1}] .and that's in case of increasing those options in the future and also you can use json_ encode json_decode to convert array to json format in PHP

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