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I am trying to retreive this


It is a list of upcoming titles. I just want to retreive the list. How would i go about doing this?

I am familiar with JSOUP. Just need a little help with this one.

I also want to provide a NEXT MONTH button to go and load the titles on the next page.

How would i go about beginning and doing this?

Or is it even possible?


The list has a pattern like this....

<div class="FP_Up_Item">

    <div class="FP_Up_Date">
<b><span style="color: rgb(25, 150, 0); font-weight: bold;">01 Sep 2011</span></b> <br>  <span style="color: rgb(163, 163, 163);">17 days left</span>

<div class="FP_Up_ImageWrap"><img src="http://m3.n4g.com/8/GameProfiles/814000/814166_1_cov_med.jpg"></div>
<div class="FP_Up_TextWrap" style="width: 300px;">
<a href="/PS3/ReleaseDate-814166.aspx" style="color: rgb(105, 34, 30);"><b>Child of Eden</b></a> <br><span style="font-weight: normal; color: rgb(163, 163, 163); font-size: 10pt;">(PS3)</span><br>


 <div class="FP_Up_Score"><a href="/PS3/ReleaseDate-814166.aspx?ShowReviews=1">8.2</a></div>

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You can get the div for each game using the class. As for the next button, you can see if the reference contains "/ReleaseDates/".

// Get all the game elements
Elements games = doc.select("div.FP_Up_TextWrap");

// Iterator over those elements
ListIterator<Element> postIt = games.listIterator();

while (postIt.hasNext()) {


// Get the "Next Month" element
Element next = doc.select("a[href*=/ReleaseDates/]").last();


To add to a list

// Get all the game elements
Elements games = doc.select("div.FP_Up_TextWrap");

// Create new ArrayList
ArrayList<String> gameList = new ArrayList<String>();

// Iterator over those elements
ListIterator<Element> postIt = games.listIterator();

while (postIt.hasNext()) {
    // Add the game text to the ArrayList
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So how would i load this into a list? –  coder_For_Life22 Aug 15 '11 at 2:00
Instead of printing out each item, you could add it to a simple ArrayList<String>. If you plan to have more information than the title, create a simple Game class with a title field. Instead of printing out the text, call the setter for that field. Add each Game object to an ArrayList in order to get them all in list form. –  Aaron Foltz Aug 15 '11 at 2:25
Could you put an example in a edit? –  coder_For_Life22 Aug 15 '11 at 2:28
And how i could implement the next month button –  coder_For_Life22 Aug 15 '11 at 2:31
Put it in an edit in your answer. It will be formated better and your work will be better acknowlegde –  coder_For_Life22 Aug 15 '11 at 2:31

You could use SAXParser to parse that response. Extend the DefaultHandler class to do this.

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Could you give an example? –  coder_For_Life22 Aug 14 '11 at 18:35

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