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I'm using N2CMS which in turn uses TinyMCE to edit HTML content.

what i need to do is disable the TinyMCE HTML validation completely.

Its stripping out anything out that doesn't adhere to its settings.

If I add a custom attribute <a href="{0}" test="tester1" /> it just removes it the custom attribute!

also, it always add <p> tags around every bit of HTML content.

how can i disable the validation?

any help is very much appreciated.

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to resove this, add these into the tinyMCE settings, or init

    cleanup_on_startup: false,
    trim_span_elements: false,
    verify_html: false,
    cleanup: false,
    convert_urls: false
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There are a relatively large number of TinyMCE options related to cleaning up and validating HTML.

The valid_elements or extended_valid_elements option can definitely help you with custom attributes:

extended_valid_elements: "a[href|test]",

That option would specifically allow href and test attributes on anchor tags per your example.

As far as your second question is concerned, could you please clarify? Are you asking how to avoid escaping HTML code that is pasted into the WYSIWYG editor or are you asking how to avoid wrapping text in paragraph or div tags?

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This is one of the best solutions I've read. Thank you –  IberoMedia Dec 29 '13 at 4:33

Those tags are usually paragraphs or divs. They are essential for every rte. Tinymce puts them around every bit of html because it needs to in order to for example be able to style passages of text.

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