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I want to use Faye on production server on my VPS. how can I start faye server automatically or as a daemon process.

Because when I start faye server using SSH it shutdown as i close ssh connection. Please guide me its really urgent.

I am using Rails 3.1.rc1

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you might be interested in this daemon-controller.

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any remark about this answer? – apneadiving Aug 16 '11 at 15:35

I use faye as my message server currently. Perhaps you would want to make faye as a daemon. I use this for my faye app.


gem install daemons

and edit ur own rake file or a plain ruby to run daemon up. that's all

there are lots of daemon tools for ruby.

You can also combine faye with sinatra or thin, but it's a little bit hassle when you can use daemons and fire it up in 3 mins. :)

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