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I am trying to sort an array, but I get the error message:
fetch address not aligned on word boundary 0x00000001

I think the error means that it is a nil-pointer but I can not find the error.
move $ a1, $ t8
move $ a2, $ t4
in $ a1 is the size of the array in $ a2, the beginning pointer of the array

My code is as following:

#------------------------------------ Sort Array ------------------------------------------------   

Call_procedure_sort: #the introduction of the sort, be sure that erverything is in the right register
    li $t1, 0
    move $a1, $t8
    move $a2, $t4
    jal Sort_Array


    For1: # first for lus, here the switch is maked 
    bge $t1, $a1, Call_procedure_print
    add $t2, $t1, 1
    move $t3, $t1
    jal For2

    lw $t9, ($t1)
    lw $t8, ($a1)
    sw $t8, ($t1)
    sw $t9, ($a1)

    addi $t1, $12, 1    

    j For1

For2: #second for lus to check if the elements are smaller with each other
    bge $t2, $a1, return_For1
    lw $t4, ($t2)
    lw $t5, ($t3)
    bge $t4, $t5, For2
    move $t3, $t2
    move $a1, $t3

    addi $t2, $t2, 1 
    j For2

return_For1: #to return to the first for lus
    jr $ra  

could someone help me thanks in advance

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I'm sorry but this is a mess... Do the parameters really come from t8 and t4? add $t2, $t1, 1 addi $t1, $12, 1 are those intentional? What is Call_procedure_print? What do the variables represent? –  user786653 Aug 14 '11 at 19:48
for this code there is a great piece of code that makes my array and print it, this is working properly and is little more structured, but I wanted to sort my array so I wanted to put this between what explains the messy construction sorry –  Bjorn Aug 14 '11 at 19:54
Well there is still so much wrong with the code that not one thing in particular will save it. For one you're doing lw $t4, ($t2) where t2 looks to be the loop variable of the inner loop of a bubble sort. You need to load from a2 + t2 * 4 (needs multiple instructions). Also I still think the usage of register 12 $12 is wrong. And you shouldn't use jal and jr to run the inner loop, both because it is unnecessary and because you're trashing the return address! (but you already did that anyway at the beginning). –  user786653 Aug 14 '11 at 20:01
it was actually not the intention to use register 12 I think that one should be register 1. The intention is to work with JAL and jar, You are absolutely right that i have to add the number by the starting point and than times 4, i go give it a try –  Bjorn Aug 14 '11 at 20:07
Still won't work. See slide 138, it shows how to code a bubble sort in MIPS assembler. Conveniently the following slides show how procedure calls work (which will explain why your program still won't even if you implement the proposed change). –  user786653 Aug 14 '11 at 20:16

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