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all I want is to create circles (from data) on a grid for specific sets of data with different colours. These might be objects I have created to be placed on grid or from the program itself. I was using POVRAY but it is massively complicated and I don't have the time. Unless anyone has a tutorial on how to read data from files and extract all the numbers and used successfully in .pov files.

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Is there something specific that requires this to be C++ ? –  ezpz Aug 15 '11 at 0:54

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There are several programs/environments (not C++) that can do this directly. One is gnuplot; another, more robust tool is R. Although with R there is a bit more of a learning curve to really get moving.

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Have you considered GNUplot?

It has a simple syntax, so you can just convert your data file into an input file for gnuplot.

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