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Here's what I want to do

ri Array

Simple, right?


More than one class or module matched your request. You can refine
your search by asking for information on one of:

    Array, TSortArray, Array, TSortArray

I am using RVM on Ubuntu Natty, default (and only ruby) is jruby 1.6.3

I have modified my .rvmrc to make ri documentation by default, thus

export rvm_gem_options=""

Beyond that, all is standard as far as I remember.


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Limit RI to search only the documentation from Ruby's standard library

ri --system Array


add this to your .profile

export RI="--system"

But, then you don't get to see documentation for new gems...

So, I tried not limiting RI...


gem rdoc --all

Which seemed to work.

But my final answer is,

Update .gemrc to look a little like this

install:  --remote --gen-rdoc --run-tests
update: --remote --gen-rdoc --run-tests
rdoc:  --all --inline-source --line-numbers --promiscuous --show-hash

and .rvmrc

export rvm_gem_options=""
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