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I have this:

echo 'm=>'.$fin_type_2; // echoes 'test text';

Now, if I do the following, I get nothing, whereas I was expecting the same result as above. What I am doing wrong here ?

echo 'm=>'.$fin_type_{$z}; // echoes nothing but m=>

Help appreciated. Many thanks.

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i would use something like this:


(besides this page of php documentation helped myself sometimes)

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You should probably use arrays (numeric and associative) to achieve your goal.

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+1. the other answers solve the problem asked, but variable variable names are generally a bad idea; not quite as bad as eval(), but a close second. This definitely looks like a case where arrays would be a much simpler and saner solution. –  Spudley Aug 14 '11 at 20:24

I'm afraid that closest you can get is

$fin_type_2 = 'test text';
$z = 2;
$v = "fin_type_$z";
echo 'm=>'.$v;

However, think twice before applying variable variables like that. Perhaps using array would fit your case better?

$fin_type = array();
$fin_type[2] = 'test text';

$z = 2;
echo "m=>{$fin_type[$z]}";
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thanks Mchl. I will think about array next time. I was till now working with $i values coming through a while loop. –  Jeremy Roy Aug 14 '11 at 21:08

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