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I'm experimenting with Anemone, a ruby web spider framework. I want to know how do I print all methods associated with an object? For example, the code below outputs puts page.url but I want to know what other methods are available, other than url. How do I print out all associated methods?

require 'anemone'

    Anemone.crawl("http://www.fsu.edu") do |anemone|
      anemone.on_every_page do |page|
        puts page.url 

Answer puts (page.methods - Object.public_methods)

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I've used this to sort out the uninteresting things:

irb> pp (page.methods - Object.new.methods).sort

Also, from the IRB I use the Wirble gem which has po and poc methods that do something similar:

irb> po page

Update: These days I use Pry. When Pry is available, the ls command works great:

pry> ls page
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maybe inspect?

puts page.inspect
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puts page.methods works. Now I have to remove the common Object methods to get the unique methods. –  Dru Aug 14 '11 at 22:19

One alternative is page.class.instance_methods(false), but that might not work if page's class included modules that had methods you wanted to know about.

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