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I'm writing a parser for some marked-up data, and I'd like to get pyparsing to discard things like start and end tags in the final result, leaving just the data.

Can I do this, or do I just have to name the value appropriately and pull them out manually?

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If the markup tags look like XML, also check out makeHTMLTags and makeXMLTags - these helpers do more than just add '<>'s around a string, but also build in support for embedded attributes, upper/lower case variations, and stray whitespace. –  Paul McGuire Aug 15 '11 at 0:47

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"Suppress" is probably what you want. You can use the Suppress class explicitly, as in dont_care = Suppress(Word(alphas)) or call suppress() on any expression, dont_care = Word(alphas).suppress(). This will suppress the matched tokens from appearing in the parsed output.

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