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I'm writing a selenium test using the Play! Framework and some tests have common bits. I want to pull those common bits out into a Play! tag. In production code, tags would live under app/views/tags. However, where would a tag live to be only seen by test templates?

I tried putting my tag under test/tags and test/views/tags, but both ways resulted in the error:

The template tags/Login.html or tags/Login.tag does not exist.

If I put the tag under app/views/tags it works fine. But obviously this tag is for testing purposes only.

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Tags must be under app/views/tags (any subfolder of it), otherwise Play won't get them. You canc reate this path: app/views/tags/testing and put in there the test-only tags, so developers know not to use them.

To use a tag Demo in that folder use:

#{testing.Demo /}

If you want to disable them in production (for extra safety) check this api. Add to your tag something like:

#{if play.mode.isDev()}
     tag code
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I tried the if-statement but it comes back with the error: Exception raised was MissingMethodException : No signature of method: static play.Play$Mode.isDev() is applicable for argument types: (). I changed it to #{if play.mode.name() == 'DEV'} which works. I like your solution better as it is cleaner but any ideas why it gives the error? –  digiarnie Aug 15 '11 at 23:46
mmm play is a "default" object in the templates, if your modification works use it. I just noticed isDev() is not static (my bad!) so probably it should be something like #{if play.mode.isDev()} instead –  Pere Villega Aug 16 '11 at 8:27

As far as I know Tags must be under app/views/tags or any subfolder. How ever I'm sure you can define Tags in a module and import this only in test mode. A little bit complicated but clean.

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